The best anchorages in Mahé

Here is a selection of the most beautiful anchorages in Mahé

Sainte-Anne Natural Park

Cerf Island, Round Island, Long Island, Medium Island

Sainte Anne Marine Park is located just minutes from our Eden Island base. It is the ideal anchorage for your first night in the Seychelles.

It is the oldest marine reserve in the Seychelles, named for its largest island Sainte Anne. The park is made up of several islands.

There is Île Moyenne, Île Ronde, Long Island, Île Cerf, Île Cachée, offering you several anchorages and an exceptional diving area.

It is possible in almost all conditions to find a sheltered anchorage.

Beau Vallon


Located in the northwest of Mahé, Beau Vallon beach is the longest and most popular on the island. It is the ideal place to rest with the family or try out all kinds of aquatic activities.
Bordered by alleys of palm trees and other trees, Beau Vallon has a local reputation of being one of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles.
Imagine a long ribbon of white sand, a translucent and shallow sea and a breathtaking seabed, particularly suitable for snorkeling...

Anse Major and Anse Jasmine


This region is classified as a natural park. Anse Major a real postcard. With its superb white sand beach and turquoise water. Anchorage is advised by S.E. winds.
Right next to it you will find Anse Jasmin made up of three small beaches, each as magnificent as the other. Its seabed is superb. Two superb anchorages, which only accept very few boats.

Ternay Bay

 This bay offers a magnificent anchorage, with these splendid bottoms and its superb white sand beach. Anchorage is safe in S.E. winds.

The bay is included in the Morne Seychellois natural park and ANCHORING IS PROHIBITED.

You have to moor at one of the three buoys, property of the Marine Park.


Anse Au Riz offers an exceptional moment with its natural water source which is located at the top of the beach on the right.

You will find crystal clear and fresh water. A place not to be missed. Anchoring is only authorized during the day.


 This small bay is an excellent shelter from all prevailing winds.
An exception on the island of Mahé. The bottom of the cove is bordered by a long and magnificent beach of white sand and shaded by takamakas. Anchoring is simple because the sandy bottoms are clear.

Theresse Island


This island is bordered by one of the most beautiful wild beaches of Mahé. Boats can anchor near the pass at 8 to 9 meters deep, in crystal clear water. The site is ideal for diving.

Grand Anse

This magnificent mooring is accessible only by day. The bay has beautiful flat sandy bottoms and no rocks to be feared.


It is possible to anchor in the first area before the reefs and access to the beach can be done in the dinghy. It is best to go to Anse La Mouche for a night anchorage.


This bay is the largest on the west coast of Mahé, and offers real protection in S.E. winds. It is a safe anchorage to spend the night

Anse Takamaka

A true little corner of paradise bordered by Takamaka, offering exceptional daytime anchorage.

Its fine sandy beach, its turquoise waters and its palm trees which provide shade for a perfect day of relaxation, are the assets of this place.

Royal Anse

This superb bay is protected by a coral reef and leads to this large white sand beach, it offers excellent conditions for swimming and diving.

South of Anse Royale, you can see a small church next to the beach, which adds a local touch